Gobierno corporativo
Corporate Governance

Focused on value creation and transparency.

Aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals 8, 11 and 12.



Creation of the Sustainability Committee reporting to the Board of Directors.

Approval of the Sustainability Policy.

Drafting of the Group's first ESG Annual Report.

Creation of the Technology Committee to address technical and cybersecurity challenges.


  • Integration of ESG risks into the corporate risk management system.
  • Formalise the company's whistleblowing channel.
  • Obtain and maintain an ESG rating for the company.
  • Participation in Sustainability Organisations, Associations and Alliances.

Our governing body

KRONOS' governance is structured around a Board of Directors, a Steering Committee and Territorial Divisions.

Órganos de Gobierno


El gobierno de KRONOS se estructura en un Consejo de Administración, un Comité Directivo y Direcciones Territoriales.


Our Corporate Governance Policy


Sustainability is conceived as the central axis guiding the entire investment process, and subsequently the asset management process. The ESG committee ensures compliance with the policy and will ensure that the proposed objectives are achieved.



Our master plan


We work on value creation, integrating sustainability into all areas of the business, which will be governed by a Sustainability Policy, ESG reporting, and a comprehensive corporate Risk Management System, overseen by a Risk Committee.

We focus on transparency that pivots on 4 vectors:

  • Code of Conduct.
  • Policy for the prevention of corruption.
  • A system of compliance and information security for which we have our own policy.
  • Security Committee and external Data Protection Delegate, in addition to a Cybersecurity Department and our Technology Committee.