Immersed in sustainable development and climate change mitigation.

Aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 7, 11 and 12.



Life Cycle Analysis in 50% of current developments.

Net Zero Carbon in STAY by Kronos developments.

Measures in place to control atmospheric emissions, identifying and controlling sources of emissions in accordance with BREEAM Excellent certification requirements.


  • Global: integrate climate change management into the business by reducing CO2 emissions and promoting sustainable housing and the circular economy.
  • Energy rating A in 60% of developments.
  • Sustainability guide in 90% of new projects.
  • Guide for efficient waste management. Valorisation of 100% of waste.
  • Activities assessed by the EU Green Carbon Taxonomy 2050.
  • Materials Policy (2024) and Climate Change Action Plan (2025).

Our environmental policy


From the management team and the ESG Committee we work to integrate sustainability in all our projects, seeking to optimise resources, design circular systems in the life cycle of buildings, reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to the protection and recovery of the environment and biodiversity.


Our master plan


Immersed in sustainable developments and mitigating climate change


We promote sustainable developments and therefore, we have created a green book of our projects to optimise resources, efficiency and innovation for design. In addition, we have created our environmental risk management protocol and we close the process using environmental certifications.

We mitigate climate change by caring for water, air and biodiversity:

  • Promoting rational use, reuse and recycling of water through technology.
  • Mitigating emissions in our buildings to improve air quality 
  • Partnering with key partners such as CoCircular to foster the circular economy
  • Putting sustainability at the centre: we conduct environmental due diligence for land acquisition, responsible planning, sustainable design solutions and the creation of green spaces